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Opening hours:
Mon-Friday 10:00 - 19:00
Saturday 9:30 - 19:00
Baaderstr. 12, 80469 München
Tel: 089 26024624

Delivery Service


We are happy to offer free delivery service on orders over 70 Euro for customers in Munich. * We are also happy to deliver orders by Postal Service (DHL) to customers outside the city of Munich.

Date of Delivery
The date of delivery depends on the part of Munich you live in.
To enquire about the exact weekday, please contact our employees.
North: Friday  /  East: Monday & Wednesday  /  West: Tuesday & Thursday

Delivery Time
Our deliveryman will usually make his departure at 5 p.m. and deliver your order to you. Unfortunately we cannot estimate the exact delivery time, because our driver will change his route according to the traffic situation in order to deliver all orders as fast as possible. Furthermore, the delivery might get delayed depending on the amount of deliveries that day. We kindly ask for your understanding.

In absentia
If you are absent from home, or if nobody answers the door bell, our deliveryman will leave your order in front of the door. In this case we unfortunately do not assume any responsibility for possible losses. We would like to kindly suggest that you choose a delivery day that you are at home, or ask your neighbors to receive your delivery.

Oder by Phone or by Mail
If you order by phone or by mail, the payment method will be automatically cash on delivery only. Please be prepared to have the required amount in 50 Euro bills ready (e.g., 100 Euros, 150 Euro, 200 Euro and so on). Our deliveryman will bring your receipt, your change and Fukubiki-ken in a small bag.
Please accept the small bag and pay the required sum.

Frozen or cooled goods
We do deliver frozen or cooled goods upon your request, but we do not deliver them in a refrigerated car. Please keep in mind when you order frozen or cooled goods that they will defrost during delivery.